Helps Tech Company Provide Cloud Solutions to US Federal Government was selected by srcLogic, a Washington, DC based services company that provides cloud solutions to the US Federal Government, to run the company’s customer-facing business processes.


Prior to selecting, the srcLogic team needed an effective way to collaborate, manage opportunity lifecycles, and help customers quickly adapt in order to solve their problems. The CRM use case for srcLogic centered on service delivery. The company needed to integrate business processes that included engagement management, closing and provisioning of services, team building, training, and the conversion of opportunities into contracts.


Since choosing, the CRM has become the center of gravity for aligning new business, nurturing existing customers, and facilitating collaboration between the srcLogic team. By using the social collaboration capabilities, including the Conversations module, srcLogic has reduced internal email clutter by 50% and are able to communicate in a quick and effective manner.

“ is unique in that if you can figure out how to login, which is really easy, you can get through the rest of it. In a two minute burst, we can add a contact, update an opportunity, create a conversation, and utilize the entire system without needing training.”

“I’m not a expert, but that is the whole point; I don’t have to be. allows us to do a very effective job managing both customer and team relationships so we can help our customers achieve success,” commented Harry Clarke, CEO of srcLogic.

About srcLogic

We’re a team that’s passionate about delivering award-winning applications to the US Federal Government. We believe systems should not only meet the requirements and specifications but also exceed the agency milestones and objectives driving the project. Award winning solutions simplify and promote intuitive, logical usability with self-service capabilities for handling ad hoc requirements like analytics, reporting and collaboration. We’re not inspired by applications that require exhaustive, repetitive attempts to complete work or many hours of user training.

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