Helps Scale Real Estate Business in Florida

Ecksodus uses to Scale Real Estate Business in Florida. The solution is among the first production uses of and remains successful since 2011. As an early adopter, Ecksodus has demonstrated the business advantages of the open source CRM application and Gamification.


A central component of the Ecksodus business model is finding, purchasing, and estimating bid prices for properties at auction in southern Florida. The data that allows the company to do this effectively is collected from multiple sources. In order to scale beyond a limited region, real estate information collected by Ecksodus needed to be centralized and decisions had to be expedited.


By implementing, Ecksodus has streamlined the entire process. Information from multiple sources such as county auction data is now piped directly into the system. The aggregated data is stored and managed in A detailed dashboard in serves as the center of gravity for managers, who use it to make informed decisions on buying and selling properties.

“Sure, sometimes entering information into a database can be monotonous, but we’ve noticed a completely different approach by our team now that the incentives made possible by Gamification have come into play”

Ecksodus can now find the best properties to bid on and estimate purchase prices based on data from previous sales in the area. This has led to an increase of property acquisitions at more favorable prices. The company has expanded from a single county to multiple counties in the southern Florida area. The system has allowed managers to make better purchasing decisions, while increasing the amount of properties on which they can bid. The effort required to scan, profile, and bid on properties has significantly reduced since implementing Open Source CRM.

About Ecksodus

Ecksodus cooperates with local real estate agents. Agents can be confident when they sell an Ecksodus marketed home to their clients; they will be offering quality and value.

It is our goal to offer only quality properties at below market prices creating value for our clients.

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