Helps Digital Strategy Agency Run Efficiently As A Business is utilized by Brilliant Noise, a digital strategy agency that helps clients with their digital marketing and customer communications. The team finds to be easily customizable and flexible to new business needs. Integrating back office data through the API allows for a bigger picture look into the company and better sales projections. As creative professionals, the team is especially happy with the minimalistic design of the User Experience.


The company needed a system that would help the team find, nurture and support deep, long-term relationships.

Brilliant Noise found CRM systems in the past to be quite big and convoluted to work with. They needed one that was quite lightweight, fully customizable, and allowed them to add functionality as needed. Prior to, online spreadsheets were being used to manage customer-facing interactions.


Brilliant Noise uses a hosted version of CRM.meCRM. As early innovators, the team constantly tries out new features and functionality as soon as they ship.

“There’s really nothing that’s designed for every agency, so’s customization is very important to us. Where most agencies have problems is not creativity or talent, but the systems that make them run efficiently as businesses.”

By utilizing the Web API, the company is able to seamlessly aggregate data from multiple back office systems (including accounting and project management) and analyze integrated data in in order to make sales projections based on Accounts, Opportunities, Leads and Contacts through the Reporting module. With the release of 2.0, Brilliant Noise plans to use for sending internal newsletters to employees and partners before finally sending out external newsletters to customers. The company is considering setting up group permission roles in order to give partners access to relevant CRM data. The team anticipates this will help maintain strict data integrity.

“Our client partners can’t believe is so easy to use. They just assumed CRM was meant to be stressful. has proven this theory wrong”

Additionally, Brilliant Noise is using gamification in to foster engagement, recognition, and to keep on top of tasks.

About Brilliant Noise

Brilliant Noise is a digital strategy firm. We work with major brands to help them succeed online.

We were founded in 2010 and are based in Brighton, England.

Our team has developed digital strategy and content programmes for major brands including Coca-Cola, Bank of America, Channel 4, Nokia and Marks & Spencer.

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