Lead Management with CRM.me

Convert more leads into opportunities.


Better Management

Easily nurture leads through the pipeline with a one-click conversion process to convert a lead to an opportunity.

Customize the lead views with custom fields that match your business processes.

Keep leads and contacts visually separate to make things easier for your sales team. Or depending on your use case merge them together with a single click into one view.


Lead Queueing

Setup lead queues to route incoming leads to various users and teams of people.

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More Features

  • Deal Tracking

    Forecast deals you will close and visualize what needs attention.

  • Contacts & Accounts

    Organize your customer data intelligently and build more meaningful relationships.

  • Product Catalog

    A tool for keeping track of your products and services that you offer.

  • Sales Workflow

    Automate your selling processes to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

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