Manage Important Relationships with

Organize customer data smartly and track important relationships between entities.


Relationships Matter

Easily map the connection between contacts at an account and parent/subsidiary relationships between accounts.

Track account and contact affiliations to show relationships between manufacturers and their reps as well as consultants and partners against vendors and customers.

Affiliations is a powerful way to visualize how various accounts and contacts are connected to the deals you are working on.


Understand your Customers

Create custom fields to track data points that are important for your organization to manage accounts and contacts.


More Features

  • Deal Tracking

    Forecast deals you will close and visualize what needs attention.

  • Contacts & Accounts

    Organize your customer data intelligently and build more meaningful relationships.

  • Product Catalog

    A tool for keeping track of your products and services that you offer.

  • Sales Workflow

    Automate your selling processes to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

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