Real-Time Information

Craft perfect reports and get full insight into what matters.


360 Degree Dashboard

Visualize the company health in numbers and charts, all on a single page. Create comprehensive dashboards.

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Beautiful Visualizations

Create custom dashboards with a variety of chart types. Pie, funnel, bar, and gauge. Just a few of the chart visualizations that can be created.

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Data for Managers

Slice & Dice information in real-time. Compare sales rep performance and marketing channel ROI.

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Analytics and KPIs

Build complex pivot reports to allow for deep analysis. Keep an eye on built-in sales and marketing KPIs.

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User Reports

Users can personalize reports and charts to give them the insight they need to keep key accounts happy.

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Realtime Filtering

Manipulate data easily in real-time by modifying filters on the fly. View your data from different vantage points.

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Business Inteligence

With access to all data in, users can build complex reports, allowing them to easily spot trends and patterns.

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