is Business Automation Software

Create and manage business automations with the workflow engine.


Automate Everything

Update records automatically based on triggered events such as a contact becomes a customer, and a new provisioning task is created.

Send out email notifications based on time triggers such as an opportunity hasn’t been touched in 30 days.


More Features

  • Security

    Restrict access or widen access. Your choice. offers endless possibilities for handling security and permissions.

  • Workflow Automation

    Build powerful workflow rules and business processes to faciliate approval processes, and automate your business workflows.

  • Customize Fields & Layouts

    Drag & Drop designer tool allows easy customization of layouts and fields for all modules. Mold to fit your exact industry and market.

  • Internationalization

    You can deploy globally with multiple currencies and language packs available.

  • Developer & Web API

    Extend in any way possible. Use the REST API to seamlessly integration with other critical business systems.

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