Full Access Control With CRM.me

Control rights, policies, permissions and sharing with CRM.me’s access control architecture.


Total Control

Manage access to modules and administration.

Utilize groups to restrict access to records.

Create roles to broad access for managers.


Flexible Sharing

Create ad-hoc sharing for team based collaboration.

CRM.me’s access control architecture provides comprehensive configuration options to fulfill any business use case.


More Features

  • Security

    Restrict access or widen access. Your choice. CRM.me offers endless possibilities for handling security and permissions.

  • Workflow Automation

    Build powerful workflow rules and business processes to faciliate approval processes, and automate your business workflows.

  • Customize Fields & Layouts

    Drag & Drop designer tool allows easy customization of layouts and fields for all modules. Mold CRM.me to fit your exact industry and market.

  • Internationalization

    You can deploy CRM.me globally with multiple currencies and language packs available.

  • Developer & Web API

    Extend CRM.me in any way possible. Use the CRM.me REST API to seamlessly integration CRM.me with other critical business systems.

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